Our approach

Project structure

Sub project 1

Knowledge integration

Knowledge relevant to the traffic context is identified and systematized. Subsequently, the integration of knowledge in training and development of new architectures integrating knowledge for applications in autonomous driving are realized.


Sub project 2

Knowledge extraction

Different methods for extracting knowledge are examined, adapted and (further) developed. These include: methods for extracting concepts from the model, as well as models that directly provide a structured output.


Sub project 3

Knowledge conformity

Development of methods that support the plausibility check and validation of AI functions in autonomous vehicles by using different types of knowledge. The decisions of the AI ​​functions are checked for their conformity in relation to formalized knowledge.


Sub project 4

Enabler, Integration and Demonstration

The functions, components and methods developed in the project are evaluated and demonstrated with an autonomous driving simulator using a catalog of traffic scenes.


Facts and Figures

Simon Heinz, Continental AG
Project coordinator
39 Months
Duration 01.01.2021 - 31.03.2024
€25.9 M
€17.4 M
15 partners
Project consortium